Eetech Corporation is Oklahoma City’s reputable software company and creates anticipating software program solutions for businesses as well as to individual big customers. These remedies enable institutions to make additional smart and successful choices and are marketed to sectors like telecoms, e-commerce and retail.

Like many Oklahoma software application providers, Eetech indications its beginnings to the programming market. When the company was actually released in 2007, this focused on Linux system investigation and growth. Over the years since budget plans reduced not only in this field, however nationwide, Eetech promptly understood that in order to be successful and grow, other types of industrial uses had to be found when it comes to its services.

The Past

Eetech Corporation initially provided instructions in connection technological innovation, in addition to software applications’ and devices’ instruments when it comes to users who wished to make and create their personal software. We found out and examined the market that there was a need for predictive software. In 2009, the company modified its home business method from devices to solutions as well as started thinking the advancement and also advertising of intelligent, app-based products.

Historically, the progression of this sort of software program was limited by absence of computing standards as well as efficient computational cleverness techniques. At that point in the early 2010, along arrived new server standards, featuring relational content management, the Windows operating unit and media corresponding protocols. Each of these innovations assisted nourish and improved communication as well as circulation of digitally stashed records within enterprises.

The Future

We wish to build new capacities in the places of textual, graphical as well as acoustic depiction, and also to create fresh net based units: one that goes over, deciphers and browses content better; a second acknowledging speech and additional noises, permitting people to conduct audio quests; as well as one that can easily perform fast photo editing. The utmost target is actually to combine all three systems. The web end result – automated programs that someday could be able to factor like human beings.